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Physics Hints: Vitally Necessary Advice for Freshmen

As you start your freshmen year, you have many things to consider. You want to make sure you are taking the right academic classes, that you have joined a club or two, and that you are involved in a sport or fine arts interest. Making sure that you do all of these things can be difficult, especially if physics is one of your classes. There are a few basic tips that can help you survive freshman physics class.

  • Tutoring
  • If you find you begin to struggle, then hire a tutor who can help you on a regular basis. If you can attend a tutoring session, then you will keep up to date on your work. You can also use the tutor for test preparation. You can use a tutor in the school, neighborhood, or an online tutor. The cost can be high, but the benefits are tremendous.

  • When in Class
  • Often students who are struggling are hesitant to ask questions or request extra explanations. Just put your fear away and ask your questions. Every one in the class will be glad you are asking the questions that they were too scared to ask. If you are absent, make sure you get the missed work and lecture notes as soon as possible.

  • Help Sites
  • There are many online sites that offer standard physics questions and tips. The principles and examples of them are also explained. Find the physics site that you like best and bookmark it. You never know when it will help you with your homework.

  • Extra Help
  • Make sure you take advantage of any peer tutoring or extra help sessions that are offered. A teacher will notice the students who care enough to give the extra effort. Physics concepts can be tricky, but they will become clearer with practice.

  • Physics at Home
  • If you look around at your home, you will see physics everywhere. Watching objects and actions in the home, can help a physics concept become clear to you.

Physics is a challenging class. It is also a required class for most college admissions. If you add physics to home duties, family time, extracurricular activities, and community obligations you can get overwhelmed. Always attend your physics class, do your homework nightly, ask questions, and keep up with your homework and assignments. Additionally, use these simple, yet vital tips to help you survive freshmen physics. You can have physics success!

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